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***By viewing the web page we are collecting your data, without entering a email, or phone number. We will contact you by phone in the next 72 hours, usally much faster. If you want to talk NOW! Call Or text us! ***

IF... You call us and if we make a deal to buy your property, we will pay you an additional $500 Bucks at closing when we buy it over the contact price.

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Looking to sell your home swiftly in Florida? Look no further! Our dedicated team specializes in purchasing houses in Polk County, Florida, with a hassle-free process. Whether your property is in need of repairs or you're facing foreclosure, we buy houses in any condition. Say goodbye to the traditional selling process and avoid lengthy waits. Sell your house quickly and efficiently with us. Get a fair cash offer today for your property. Trust our reliable service for a seamless transaction. Contact us now to sell your house fast in Florida, without the usual complexities.


Do you care what a investor does and how they do it, NOPE!

Do you care to read dozens of useless web pages NOPE!

*What we do i buy houses for cash, Some with our cash some our partners or I can take over your payments and alow you to walk away. Do you care NOPE, as long as when closing is over or your problem is solved you get what your owed... YES! THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS TO YOU! CAN THEY OR WILL THE PERFORM AS PROMISED, AND CAN I GET THE MONEY AT CLOSING.

Do you know at least a big portion of so called pretend investors don't even own a check book with over $1,000 bucks in it!  HOW ARE THEY GOING BUY YOUR HOUSE CASH! The answer is they won't.

Do you know at least a big portion of so called pretend investors are only going to sell your lead and not buy your house?

* You deal with me, one person from start to finish, I make the decisions, I set the price i will pay, and I will provide the money at closing, thru escrow and a closing attorney or title company when yu sign the deed.

Most real estate investors & real estate agents are POSERS! They can make more money flipping burgers, use someone with less experience, but don't blame me when you get burned.

Cash Home Buyers FL 407-799-8611

Tired of waiting for a buyer's mortgage approval? We're cash home buyers ready to make you an all-cash offer for your property.


Investors That Buy Houses FL 407-799-8611,

Our team of experienced investors knows the real estate market inside and out. We'll give you a fair, no-obligation offer, and we're ready to close quickly.


Companies That Buy Houses FL 407-799-8611,

As a reputable company in we've helped countless homeowners like you. We have the resources and expertise to simplify your selling process.

Buy Houses FL 407-799-8611,

Our commitment is to make selling your Home a breeze. We buy houses throughout the area, regardless of condition or location.


Sell My House Fast FL 407-799-8611

Need to sell quickly? We can close on your timeline, ensuring you get the fast cash you need without the wait.


Investment Properties FL 407-799-8611,

If you have an investment property you want to sell, we're interested. Let us take that property off your hands, and you can move on to your next venture.


Foreclosed Homes FL 407-799-8611,

Don't let a foreclosure stress you out. We specialize in purchasing foreclosed homes helping homeowners get a fresh start.


Sell House for Cash FL 407-799-8611,

Get rid of your unwanted property, and we'll put cash in your pocket. No commissions, no fees – just a straightforward cash offer.

We Buy Houses As-Is FL 407-799-8611,

You don't need to make any repairs or renovations. We're happy to buy your house in its current condition.


Sell My Distressed Property FL 407-799-8611,

If your property is causing you stress or financial difficulties, we're here to help you move forward by buying your distressed property.


Vacant Property Investors FL 407-799-8611,

Vacant property becoming a burden? Let us take it off your hands and transform it into a valuable asset.


Sell House with Code Violations FL 407-799-8611,

Don't worry about code violations – we'll deal with them. Sell your house without the headache.


Sell House with Back Property Taxes FL 407-799-8611,

Back property taxes piling up? We'll purchase your property and handle any outstanding tax issues.


Investors for Fixer-Upper Homes FL 407-799-8611,

We love fixer-uppers! If your property needs work, we're ready to take it off your hands and make it shine.


Fast Cash for Homes FL 407-799-8611

Our process is designed for speed. You can have cash in your hands sooner than you think when you choose us.​

HOUSE A BURDEN Sell my unwated house

We need the address you want to sell, and its condition inside and out.

Then we can give you a ball park offer, Once we look at the house we can make that a firm no obligation offer.

Things you need to know:

You speak to the owner, he call you, not an answering service or call center like most.

The 407-799-8611 Is his real cell phone, he works 7 am to 11 at night call him he don't bite. outside those hours thats OK to if he hears the phone he will answer. (Who does that, He will! most won't even give you a real cell phone number) He will help you solve you problem or point you in the right direction if he can't FREE!

We don't use banks, its either his money or a partners like a doctor, lawyerm business owner, of someone who has the funds available.

No Banks, No Appraisals, No Repairs, No Clean Outs, No Dealing with the county inspectors.

There is not alot -bull- to read, No forms to fill out, I can not stand all that and I am in the business, I'm Not trying to sell my house now!

Just call, we will make you a offer exlpain the processm (we do 90% of the work) just show up, sign take our money and run! Leave the problems to us!)

sell your house fast

In search of a swift sale for your Florida property? Look no further! Our specialized team focuses on purchasing homes in Florida, offering a seamless process. Regardless of your property's condition or any foreclosure concerns, we're here to buy houses promptly. Skip the lengthy traditional selling methods and embrace a quick and hassle-free sale with us. Receive a fair cash offer today for your Polk County property. Rely on our trustworthy service for a smooth transaction. Reach out now to swiftly sell your house in, Florida, bypassing the usual complications and delays of the typical selling process. Then National Property Resolutions Is Your Only Answer! 407-799-8611

National Property Resoultions | 407-799-8611

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National Property Resolutions
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National Property Resolutions (Kissimmee)


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National Property Resolutions
(Haines City)

17 Fairview Dr N. Haines City FL, 33844

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Winter Haven:

National Property Resolutions

332 Avenue B Southwest, Winter Haven, FL 33880

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National Property Resolutions

211 E Main Street, Lakeland, FL 33801

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Plant City:

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1805 James L. Redman Parkway Suite 201 Plant City, Florida 33563



National Property Resolutions

400 N Ashley Dr #1900, Tampa, FL 33602

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National Property Resolutions
(Pinellas County)

2454 N. McMullen Booth Rd.,  Clearwater, FL 33759

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Pasco County:

National Property Resolutions


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Hernando County:

National Property Resolutions


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National Property Resolutions |

3230 Southgate Circle, Sarasota, FL 34239

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National Property Resolutions


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